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Armour or parts-1

Product No. YOR. 001
Product name

Yoroi, original Japanese Armour.

Design Yori/Armour with a “Jinbaori” and “Ikka-Hitsu-Yori.
Material Wood, silk, cloth, iron, horsehair and leather.
Area of Origin Island Kyūshū.
Era Kabuto +/- 慶安 Keian 1640-1651

Armor +/-正徳 Shōroku 1711-1715



Width +/- 68 cm
Depth +/- 50 cm
Height (In sitting position) +/ 159cm
Additional Information A complete Yoroi:

Japanese Amour with Kabuto and Mempo.

Kabuto begin Edo Period (17th Century), Armour Mid Edo Period (Mid-18th Century).

Kabuto (Helmet; with wooden Wakidate, aIl in the shape of horns painted red trimmed with gold foiled this is the same as the Maedate.

On top of the “Kabuto” a horses tail of real horses is coming out the Tehen no Kanamono.

The Menpo half face mask is made from iron, and the back (inside) is red collared Ürushimuri”.

Complete with Yodarekake throat protection.

The Do body, Sodo shoulder, Kote arm, Haidate upper leg, Suneate shin protections belong together and are from the same Are Mid Edo Period. On the back of the Do are Gattari + Uchi Uke fitted with a wooden tube for the Sashimono flag with Mon.

Sticking out of the hole at the top of the Kabuto “Tehen no ana” is a removable crest of black yak hair “Kabuto mino”. Yak hair would symbolize dark clouds and was in those days a very exclusive export product.


Price on request (Shipping and insurance fees are not included in the price).

Pictures may show some colour differences. I have tried to show everything as natural as possible.

First session of pictures: Yoroi/Armour without a “Jinbaori” and “Ikka-Hitsu-Yoroi”.



Second session of pictures: Yoroi/Armor with a “Jinbaori” sitting on a “Ikka-Hitsu-Yoroi”.