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Jingasa / Sold.

Product No. Kabuto 001
Product name 陣笠 Jingasa.
Design Dark brown Jingasa (Maru-ni-naka-kage-zuta) with family crest, Inlaid in gold. inside red virgin.

The mon on this Jingasa is of the Tokugawa shoguns family—three hollyhock leaves inside a circle.

Material Lacquered Wood & Paper. A view small  cracks in the lacquer. But otherwise the overall condition is good.

The Jingasa is finished with the original (old) strings used to be fastened under the chin.

Era +/-  文化 Bunka 1804 – 弘化 Kōka 1844.
Period Edo period.



Width 32 cm.
Depth 36 cm.
Height 16 cm.


Additional Information Samurai Jingasa  where used during the middle to late Edo Period (1603 – 1868).  Th Edo period was relatively peaceful time in Japan and there was no need for wearing full armour. A new type of armour was introduced and that included also new war hats (which is a literal meaning of Jingasa – Jin is military and Kasa is a hat). The main function of the Jingasa was still protection, but instead of swords and arrows it was protecting from sunshine or rain. A  important function of Jingasa was to show the Samurai’s social status. The use of Jingasa was not restricted to Samurai and other classes of Japanese society could wear them as well.


All pictures may show some colour differences. I have tried to show everything as natural as possible.