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Doll 15

Product No. Doll 015
Product name Doll (人形)
Design Two children with umbrella mounted on a platform.  (プラットフォーム上に傘を持つ2人の子供)
Mei None.
Material Scale used clothing fabric, head and hands of wood.
Era 昭和 Middle/end Showa period +/- 1950-1980.



Width 15 & 9  cm
Depth 9 & 7   cm
Height 16 cm & 14.5 cm
Additional Information Both children are mounted on a platform which is covered with a Tatami.  Dimensions of the platform is: Width 320 mm x Depth165 mm x Height 40 mm.


Price € 285,– (Shipping and insurance fees are not included in the price).

All photos below may show some colour differences. I have tried to show everything as natural as possible.