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Doll 8

Product No. Doll 008
Product name Musha Ningyo Doll of Emperer Ojin, Doll (人形)
Design Musha Ningyo, Emperor Ojin sitting on a folding chair. This doll is wearing a Yoroi. Over the Yoroi the Emperor Ojin wearing a traditional kimono, which were worn in temples.
Mei None.
Material Scale used clothing fabric, head and hands of wood.
Era 明治 Meiji period, 1868 – 1912.



Width +/ 34 cm.
Depth +/-33 cm.
Height +/- 47 cm.
Additional Information Depicting the legendary Emperor Ojin, seated in court attire and wearing dramatic cream brocades and lacquered Yori, hand and wearing a classic gold Eboshi cap. His face is finely carved with a regal expression. A rare and fine example.


Price € 845,– (Shipping and insurance fees are not included in the price).

All photos below may show some colour differences. I have tried to show everything as natural as possible.