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Koshirae 1

Product No. Koshirae-001
Koshirae  Suitable for an O-Tanto 短刀.
Era Edo period 江戸 .
Date End of Edo period +/- 1840.



The whole length 52.5      cm
The length of the Tsuka 13.3      cm
The length of the Saya 39.0      cm
The length of the Nakago 8 á 8.5  cm
The length of the Blade 28 á 31 cm
The width of the Hamachi 28 by 9 mm


Koshirae A very nice Kohsirae for Tanto. Saya is covered with ray skin beautiful sword fittings. All stored in an old/antique silk bag.


Price € 830,–. (Shipping and insurance fees are not included in the price).