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Menuki 1

Product No: ME-001.
Product name. Menuki 目貫. The set of Menuki will be sent to you in original Kiri box.
Style/school. Unknown.
Mei. Mumei (Eijyo).
Shape. Diamond-shape.
Image/design. On fine Shakudo plate, the bellflower in diamond-shape is engraved with gold colour.
ra. Edo period 江戸.
Date. Late Edo period +/ 1800.


Dimensions are external

Menuki W54 x H16mm (Both)



NBTHK Certificate Hozon Tōken Kanteisho.
Other certificate n/a
Condition Very good.



Additional Information: “Nippon Bijutsu Tōken Hozon Kyokai” (NBTHK) issuing a “Hozon Tōken Kanteisho” to the Menuki’s of this Tosogy set. Certificate number: 443573, on 平成十九年二月二十 Heisei Jû Go nen Ni gatsu ni Jû Ichi hi, February 21st, 2003.
History: Unknown.


Price € 1140,– (Shipping and insurance fees are not included in the price).

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