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Product No. Other 003
Product name Ikka-Hitsu-Yoroi / armour storage boxes.
Design Two (2) original Amor storage boxes, made of wood. The boxes are decorated with original hinges and locks out the right period.
Material Wood, hinges and locks of metal.
Area of Origin Probably Hiroshima.
Era 明治 Meiji period 1868 / 1900.


Width 39 cm
Depth 39 cm
Height 51 cm
Additional Information Both are in good condition: Although one of the boxes has slight discoloration at the side of the box.

The two storage boxes are on the inside covered with textile. The textile has a scaled flower motif. Both the box as the lid is covered with textiles.


Price of each Amor storage boxes is € 475.–.

If you are interested in both Amor storage boxes the price will be € 800,–.

(Shipping and insurance fees are not included in the price).

All pictures may show some colour differences. I have tried to show everything as natural as possible.