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Set of Tosogu 1

Product No: TOSOGU-001.
Product name. The set of Tosogu will be sent to you in original Kiri box.
Style/school. Unknown.
Mei. Mumei.
Shape (Tsuba). Yotsu-mokko.
Image/design. Chrysanthemum design.
Provence, area. Yamashiro, Kyoto.
Era. 江戸 Edo period.
Date. Late Edo period: +/- 1780/1800


Dimensions are external

Tsuba H73 x W67 x T4.5mm
Kozuka L95 x W13 x T5mm
Menuki W54 x H16mm (Both)
Fuchi & Kashira Fuchi H38 x W20.3mm and  Kashira H35.5 x W16.5mm
Kaeritsuno W29 x H12 x T12mm



NBTHK Certificate n/a
Other certificate n/a
Condition Very good.



Additional Information:

Autumn flower and insect are engraved with gold colour.

A Shakudo Nanakoji plate, with chrysanthemum design engraved and inlaid with gold, silver and brass. The colour of the metal is elegant.

Tsuba with beautiful detail and excellent craftsmanship. All of the flat surface is covered in an almost perfect Nanakko-pattern, except for the  Seppadai area.

History: Unknown.


Price € 3450,– (Shipping and insurance fees are not included in the price).