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Tsuba 1

Product No: TS – 001.
Product name. Tsuba, will be sent to you in original Kiri box.
Style/school. Owari style Tsuba. In all probability “Horai School.”
Mei. Mumei.
Shape. Aoi Gata. Design engraved in open work.
Image/design. Three cranes intertwined together. The rim shape from three cranes with spread wings  with bearded tail.
Provence, area. Unknown.
Era. 桃山 Momoyama / early 江戸 Edo period.
Date. +/- 1500 – 1550.



Length/round 70mm
Width 70mm
Thickness 4.5mm



NBTHK Certificate n/a
Other certificate n/a
Condition Good. Nice solid patina on the iron Tsuba.



Additional Information: This plate is very thick, more than usual just by this school. This example would seem to be the work of the Edo period Myochin school. This example was probably made by a later master of that school. The plate has a very fine patina. It would seem that this tsuba was made to emulate the original Horai examples, of the Momoyama period, some of these Tsuba’s are signed.” This Tsuba is suitable for a Wakizashi or small Katana.
History: This Tsuba gifs a good powerful energy when you have it in your hand. It’s a simple but beautiful Iron Tsuba and used in his time.


Price € 575,– (Shipping and insurance fees are not included in the price).

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