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Tsuba 6

Product No: TS – 006.
Product name. Tsuba, will be sent to you in original Kiri box.
Mei. Signed, difficult to read.
Shape. Almost round iron, Naga Maru Gata shape with open fram work.
Style/school. Unknown.
Image/design. Large iron Tsuba with openwork deign Mount Fuji (富士山).
Era. 桃山 Momayama –  江戸 Edo period.
Date. Begin of Edo period: +/- 1600 – 1620



Height 92mm
Width 86mm
Thickness 5  mm



NBTHK Certificate n/a
Other certificate n/a
Condition Tsuba is in a very good condition.



Additional Information: A almost round shape, iron tsuba. The iron surface bears a good patina of age, the iron texture is excellent and gives you a powerful feeling. The design of the Tsuba is elegant  and represented good craftsmanship from the old period.


Price € 1250,– (Shipping and insurance fees are not included in the price).