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Product No. WA-012 (忠吉)  Tada-yoshi. (Rokudai-6th generation).
Sword type Wakizashi.
Omote/Mei Hizen kuni Tadayoshi. 肥前國忠吉
Ura n/a empty.
Province, area Hizen.
Era Kansei (1790 -1815)
Date +/- 1791.
Teacher Tada-yoshi.



Nagasa 38.5cm
Sori 1.50 cm
Motohaba 2.80 cm
Sakihaba 2.10 cm
Munekasane 0.60 cm
Nakago 11.8 cm



NBTHK Certificate “Hozon Tōken Kanteisho”.
Other certificate n/a
Rating Jo Saku.
Condition Very good.
Polished Yes.
School. Hizen Tadayoshi school.
Sharpness: Wazamono.


Item Details

Sugata Shinogi zukuri, ihori mune, torii sori, chu kissaki nobiru.
Kissaki Chu kissaki.
Kitae Very tightly forged ko mokume hada, mijin ji nie, tasho chikei, tokorodokoro shirakeru.
Hamon Sugu ha, ko nie deki, nioiguchi shimari, except under the yokote where the nioi guchi widens, niju ba, yakidashi.
Horimone n/a.
Bōshi Sugu ko maru nagaku kaeru.
Nakago Ubu, saki iri yamagata, yasuri me asai katte sagari.
Mekugi-ana 1 mekugi ana.
Habaki Nice copper bases, gold folded double Habaki.


Koshirae A very nice Kohsirae with beautiful sword fittings. All stored in an old/antique silk bag.


Shira-saya The blade is polished and stored in a very nice Shirasaya with a purple-coloured silk bag.


Additional Information The judgment on the authentic as expressed in the description above was confirmed by:

“Nippon Bijutsu Tōken Hozon Kyokai” (NBTHK) issuing a “Hozon Tōken Kanteisho” 保存刀剣 certificate number: 341905,

on 平成月二十Heisei shichi nen shichi gatsu ni jū ichi hi, July 31st, 1996.


History The so called go ji Mei or signature consisting of 5 kanji / characters was inscribed by all Tadayoshi’s of the province HIZEN, so it is not easy to determine who the maker is of this sword/blade.

Precise comparisons with the different signatures gives me an idea of the different generations; I therefore attributed this sword to HASHIMOTO SHINSAEMON, according to Tokuno Kazuo sensei and Eguchi Shoshin sensei he was the 2nd son of the 5th generation Tadayoshi and therefore the 6th generation. He received the title Omi no Kami in 1790 and thereupon changed his name Tadahiro into Tadayoshi.

According to all the experts who use this ranking system the smith is counted among the jo saku (Superior Made) class.

Reading the documentation / sources regard to Tadayoshi, he died at the age of 80 in Bunka 12 (1815), but according to the Nihonto Meikan of Homma Junji sensei and ISHII Masakuni sensei, Tadayoshi  6th  generation, already passed away at the each of 45 year.

His work closely resembles that of his father.


Price € 8.900,–. (Shipping and insurance fees are not included in the price).

The following pictures may exhibit some reflections, this has to do with the brightness of the objects; Sorry for this.

Pictures of the Koshirae/mounting will be posted later.