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Product No. WA-003  (兼定)  Kanasada. 3rd generation.
Sword type Wakizashi.
Omote/Mumei Attributed to: Izumi no Kami Kanesada. (3rd gen). 和泉守兼定
Ura n/a empty.
Province, area Mino.
Era Late Koto, early Shinto period.
Date +/- 1552-1650.
Teacher Kanasada.



Nagasa 44.5cm
Sori 1.40cm
Motohaba 2.62cm
Sakihaba 1.93cm
Munekasane 0.67cm
Nakago 12.1cm



NBTHK Certificate n/a
Other certificate n/a
Rating Chu Jo Saku.
Condition Good.
Polished Yes.
School Seki school.
Sharpness O wazamono.


Item Details

Shape Nice, as well formed blade with ratehr large Sori for a Wakizashi.
Jihada Ko-Itame Hada well grained with Jinie attach.  Osaka Jigane.
Sugata Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune. Mihaba is wide on base, extremely thick in Kasane and there is massive volume in Hiraniku. There remains almost full of temper edge at cutting side (Ha-machi). There is moderate curvature leading to a middle tip. The blade is heroically made and quite heavy in the hands.
Kissaki Chu kissaki.
Kitae Kitae-hada is clear Itame-hada (wooden grain) of which Hiraji surface is covered in sparkling Ji-nie that generates darkish Nie lines so called CHIKEI activity. The blade steel is vividly clear and bright.
Hamon NIe base suguha. There are gunome midare toward the kissaki. There are deep nioiguchi. Many activities in the ha such as sunagashi and kinsuji. Itame hada tatsu (with at one site masame) with the impression of tsuri on the omote. side.
Horimone n/a.
Bōshi The temper of the tip forms a straight regular line, a medium circle turns back almost connecting to a Muneyaki temper spot. Bushi is round ended.
Nakago Ubu, Takanoha (V-shaped) file marks. Ha-agari Kurijiri (Double-bevelled).
Mekugi-ana 1 mekugi ana.
Habaki A double copper base, worn silver foiled Habaki.


Koshirae A nice old authentic Koshirae with matching sword fittings. All stored in an old/antique silk bag.


Shira-saya The blade is polished and stored in Shirasaya with a purple-coloured silk bag.


Additional Information The steel is an expertly forging piece of craftmanship with a elegant itame hada tatsu (with at one site masame) with the impression of tsuri on the omote side. The pattern of hard cut is expertly made. Remarkable the presence of hataraki in the form of sunagashi and even kinsuji. The nioguchi is clear, continuous and adequate thickness. Intreressant is also the pronounced saki sori. With a view to the various togari in the hamon, the long kaeri and the high upstanding shinogi does all reminds me of the style of a No Sada blacksmith (Izumi no Kami Kanesada) of the province of Mino.


History Some of Kanesada blades looks like Sukehiro blades during his youth.


Price € 4.500,– (Shipping and insurance fees are not included in the price).

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