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Product No. WA-009 (長道)  Nagamichi. 6th or 8th generation.
Sword type Wakizashi.
Omote/Mei Ōshū aizu ju miyoshi nagamichi. 奥州会津住三善長道
Ura Tenpō Jyu Shi Mizunoto U Nen Hachi Gatsu Hi. 天保 十四癸卯年八月日
Province, area Iwashiro.
Era Tenpō 1830-1844.
Date (One a day in August)  August 1843.
Teacher Nagamichi.



Nagasa 51.5 cm
Sori 1.35 cm
Motohaba 3.04 cm
Sakihaba 2.00 cm
Munekasane 0.76 cm
Nakago 14.9 cm



NBTHK Certificate “Hozon Tōken Kanteisho”.
Other certificate n/a
Rating Chu Jo Saku / Jo Saku.
Condition Very good.
Polished Yes.
School. Miyoshi Nagamichi school.
Sharpness: Unknown.


Item Details

Sugata Shinogi zukuri, ihori mune, chu kissaki.
Kissaki Chu kissaki.
Kitae O hada.
Hamon Gumone in Nioi with profuse Nie sprinkled throughout along with Sunagashi, and Izuma.
Horimone n/a.
Bōshi Midare O-Mura and there is extensive Hakikake.
Nakago ubu, kuri jiri saki, sujikai yasurime.
Mekugi-ana 1 mekugi ana.
Habaki Very nice copper base, double silver folded Habaki.


Koshirae A very nice Kohsirae with  associated sword fittings. All stored in an old/antique silk bag.


Shira-saya The blade is polished and stored in a nice Shirasaya with a purple-coloured silk bag.


Additional Information The judgment on the authentic as expressed in the description above was confirmed by:

“Nippon Bijutsu Tōken Hozon Kyokai” (NBTHK) issuing a “Hozon Tōken Kanteisho” 保存刀剣 certificate number: 359451, on 平成十三年六月八日 Heisei ju san nen roku gatsu hachi hi, June 8th, 2001.


History This wakizashi was made in 1843 by “Toshiro Nagamichi”, the eighth generation of the family. He is the second son of “Suzuki Genzo” and the adoptive son of “Shichidai Michinaga”. Nagamichi mainly worked in Iwashiro Kuni.

His last name is 三善 “Miyoshi”, his one name is 権八 “Gonhachi” that he later changed into 藤四郎 “Toshiro”: “Gonhachi Miyoshi” was born in 1795 and died on 慶応年三月, Keio ichi nen ju ichi gatsu ni ju shichi hi, November 27th, 1865.

They also called him “Toryo-Nagamichi” 棟梁長道,this because he mentioned sometimes “Katana-Kaji-Toryo” in his signature. Sometimes he added “Chū-Seishin” 抽精神 in his signature, what means “forged with pure spirit”.

The 8th generation “Nagamichi” is rated as “Chu jo saku.

By the way, the 6th generation Nagamichi received the local honoray title “Aizu-kaji tōryō 会津鍛冶棟梁, lit. head of all Aizu smiths)”. But this title mostly singed by his “Shinshinto” descendant the 8th generation Nagamichi.


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