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Tsuba 11

一般情報 General information

製品番号 Product No.


剣の種類 Sword type


MEI ( Omote)

無銘 MUMEI. Attributed to: Toda Hikozaemon.

形状 Shape.

丸形 (圓形)Maru gata.                      

画像 Image.

Iron round Tsuba, with engraved- open work.Two Chinese bellflower engraved on round shape iron Tsuba.

From the middle of the Tsuba there are very fine lines to the rim of the Tsuba. This applies to both sides of the Tsuba.

時代 Era

江戸時代初期 Early Edo period.

日付 Date



寸法 Measurements

身長 Height

83.0 mm      


83.0 mm


4.02 mm


鑑定 Kantei Registration

日本美術刀剣保存協会                   NBTHK Certificate


他の証明書                                      Other certificate


状態 Status

良い Good/ The iro tsuba has a beautiful patina on both sides over the entire surface.


追加情報                                          Additional Information


This plate is very thin / elegant. This example would seem to be the work of the Edo period. This Tsuba is quite heavy despite being a thin plate.

The patina is very fine. Tsuba is suitable for a Katana.


歴史 History


Toda Hikozaemon is one of the “Three Owari Masters of Genroku.” At the time, Toda had a great deal of influence on the artistic part of that period.

Huge Iron Katchu-shi Tsuba. Nicely forged plate with a raised rim as is the style of Katchu-shi. A tsuba of this size was likely made as a presentation piece.

Katchushi means armour-smith in Japanese. So, it is said that the definition of Katchushi-Tsuba is tsuba made by armuor-smiths or swordsmith craftsmen.

Those openwork looks similar to ears of the masks of Katchu (=armour).



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