Yoroi (2)

Yoroi (2)

一般情報 General information

製品番号 Product No.

鎧 Yoroi

鎧種類 Yoroi type

石頭二枚 Goishi Atama Iyozane Nimai do Gusoku.


無銘 Mumei

時代 Era

江戸時代中期  Middle Edo period

日付 Date

ca. 1725-1755


肥後 Higo (no guarantee) see history description.


詳細 Details

寸法  Measurement

Height 145cm, wide 60cm, deep 50cm. (Measured from bottom to top of Kabuto). Relatively small Yoroi


The 鎧 Yoroi (armour) is composed with a predominantly  purpeld-colored silk 伊藤 cord. 伊藤 Itō cord is in good condition: no wear or discoloration from the sun.

状態 Status

全体良い調子 Overall good condition


鑑定 Kantei Registration

般社団法人日本甲冑武具研究保存会     NKBKHK Certificate

Yoroi is accompanied with the following certificate, published by NKBKHK organization.

4th grade: 貴重督科-Kichō-shiryō (excellent item, both as a reference and for appreciation)

会長の署名                                Chairman signature

会長   永田仁氏  Hitoshi Nagata  

登録番号 Tōroku bangō           Registration Number:

格一二三一号 Kaku Ichi Ni San Ichi gō.

Case No. 1231

日付しんさ Date Shinsa/judgement

令和元年十月十三日 Reiwa gannen, (the first year of Reiwa) Jû Gatsu Jû San Hi.  October 13th, 2019

他の 証明書                                        Other certificate


考課Appraisal                                         鑑定 Kantei

My guess somewhere between: 上作 Jyo Saku (Superior Class) and 上々作 Jyo Jyo Saku (Above Superior Class).  (no guarantee)

兜 Kabuto

鎧種兜 Kabuto type

A 16 plate (Ju-rokû-ken hari-bachi kabuto). Looks like 碁石 Goishi.

資材 Material

Iron helmet bow (Hachi), finished with lacquer.

首の保護 Shikoro

This neck protection (Shikoro) is made up of five (5) layers.

前田 Maedate

Is representing (Miyake) crescent/symbols a full moon. Made of a copper plate.

Tehen-no-kanamono: (kashiradate).

At the top of the Kabuto a four (4) stage (Tehen-kanemono) into which is inseted a Datemono, (kashiradate).  Design is a wooden handle finished with brown/orange-like white feathers

寸法  Measurements

ca. Height 31cm, wide 33cm, deep 35cm.

状態 Status

良い Good.




面頬 Menpō

鎧種面頬 Menpō type

Half mask (鎧種 Menpō). The mustache is artistically formed with gold lacquer. (Looks like whiskers of a cat).

資材 Material

鎧種 Menpō is made from iron and finished with lacquer.


Internal inside: Red Urushi color.


External outside: Black Urushi lacquer.

風袋 Tare

This throat protection (風袋 Tare) is made up of three (3) layers.

状態 Status

上等 very good.




鎧貯蔵箱 Gusoku Bitsu (armour storage box)

資材 Material

Wood, and lacquered. Corners are strengthened with iron fittings.

漢字 Kanji

On the surface a Chinese character (前) meaning front.

内部 Internial

Decorated with paper with Japanese texts.

状態 Status

上等 Superior.

寸法  Measurements

Height 55cm, wide 45cm, deep 39.5cm.

追加情報                                     Additional Information

This 鎧 Yoroi is accompanied with 1 single 鎧貯蔵箱 armour storage box.

Because I can’t find a 指物 Sashimono (war/family flag) at the moment, I have dried some reed plumes myself and put them in the 受物Uke(d)-Zutsu (Sashimono pole holder) as decoration.

歴史 History

This  Yoroi is very similar to the style of: 肥後八代城主松井家伝来 Higo Yatsushiro Castle owner Matsui family tradition. But here I cannot give a guarantee (too little information).

価格 price      POA Price on Application               

Dear customer, please pay attention to the following:

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  • PS: Armour stand is not for sale!