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Tsuba 2

Product No: TS – 002.
Product name. Tsuba, will be sent to you in original Kiri box.
Mei. Mumei.
Shape. Kikkagata.
Style/school. Probably the Heianjo tradition.
Image/design. Ichoha-tsunagi (Ginko leaves).
Provence, area. Yamashiro.
Era. 江戸 Edo period.
Date. Middle Edo period: +/- 1660 – 1750.



Length/round 88mm
Width 88mm
Thickness 5  mm



NBTHK Certificate n/a
Other certificate n/a
Condition Tsuba is in a good condition.



Additional Information: It is said that the tree has the ability to flourish even in very poor quality soil, with little nourishment. The Ginko tree has the ability to survive even during the harshest circumstances. For these characteristics the tree was admired by the Bushi, warrior class. The fruit of the tree is said to have medicinal qualities and is used to improve the memory in old people. This Tsuba is designed in the shape of three Ginko leaves with small droplets spread out.
History: Unknown.


Price € 475,– (Shipping and insurance fees are not included in the price).

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