Japan Sword Art

About me


On this website I have displays an overview of my private collection of Japanese Art such as:

Nihonto (sword), Tosogu (sword fitting) and Yoroi (armour).

The items are all in perfect condition and have certificates from various organizations such as: “NBTHK” or “NTHK”.


My interest in Japanese Art arose during my childhood. Martial Arts such as Judo, Aikido and Iaido  led to my first contacts with Japan.

My trips to the land of the “Rising Sun” for training in Martial Arts were a big contribution to the love for Japan with his history and culture.

At this time, (after many visits to Japan), and over more than 40 years of collecting Japanese Art,

I would like to offer various items for sale through my website.


Egbert Menzinga.


My private collection

Items that I allow into my private collection must have a very high standard regarding technical aspects such as:

material, craftsmanship, artist name, school, period, quality, etc.

There must also be a certain click, a good feeling with the object before making it part of it to my private collection.

My ultimate wish

That one day I may become the owner of a piece of Japanese Art with the level of

Tokubetsu Jûyô Tôken 特別重要刀剣 “Extraordinarily Important Work”.

“That will be the crowning glory of my collection”!

I hope you will appreciate the collection,