Japan Sword Art

About me

For over 40 years I have been collecting Japanese swords, sword fittings and all other associated items.
All my swords are polished and stored in a “Shirasaya” and are accompanied with a “Koshirae”.
Most swords in my collection own a Japanese certificate from the “NBTHK” or “NTHK” organization.


Egbert Menzinga.


My goal is to upgrade my private Japanese collection to the highest possible level: 

In order to achieve this, I always look in person at interesting items.
For me, this is also the best learning method in discovering the difference between a good and an excellent item:
the differences sometimes lie very close to each other.

The reason why I’m always interested in high quality Nihonto and Tosogu is because this enables you to train the eyes on top quality.
I personally admire the skills that the artists express in their exceptionally beautiful Tosogu designs.
Also admirable are the many forging techniques used by the swordsmiths in order to produce the perfect Nihonto.

For my private collection I always hold on to the following, high level starting point:
all items must have my personal interest: there must be a click. If this is not the case, these items will not end up in my private collection.

My ultimate wish:
To become the owner of some items with the level of Tokubetsu Jûyô Tôken 特別重要刀剣 “Extraordinarily Important Work”.

“That will be the crowning glory of my collection”!