Japanese Doll-16

Japanese Doll-16

一般情報 General information

Product No. Doll 016
Product name Gonin Bayashi (五人囃子)
Design A set of five(5) musicians, all with the same design/size in clothing. Design of the clothing is scaled. Antique musician dolls for the Japanese Hina Matsuri Festival (Girl’s Day)
MEI 適用外です Not applicable
Material Wood, scaled clothing  with three (3) drums and stick.
Era End of 明治 Meiji period, 1868 -1912begin of 昭和 Middle Showa period +/- 1920.

寸法 Measurements

Width +/- 17    cm each.
Depth +/- 10.5 cm each.
Height +/- 15   cm each.
Additional Information 1-Small drum (太鼓, Taiko), seated,
2-Large drum (大鼓, Ōtsuzumi), standing,
3-Hand drum (小鼓, Kotsuzumi), standing,
4-Flute (, Fue), or Yokobue (横笛), seated,
5-Singer 謡い方 (Utaikata), holding a folding fan (扇子, sensu), standing.The dolls are from early 1900, the late Meiji period to early Showa period.Small damages to the faces or heads but there is Gofun missing from the tips of some fingers.

These dolls have quite expressive faces.

価格 price    € 280,–             (Shipping fee is not included in the price)

PS: More photos available on request!