Japanese Doll-6

Japanese Doll-6


一般情報 General information

Product No. Doll 006
Product name Kneeling Samurai Doll (人形)
Design 武士の戦士 Samurai warrior (kneeling), doll (人形). Samurai wear a Yoroi and a stick of Yari in his hand.

適用外です Not applicable

Material Scale used clothing fabric, head and hands of wood.
Era Middle/end of the 明治 Meiji period, 1868 – 1912.

寸法 Measurements

Width +/ 23 cm.
Depth +/-19 cm.
Height +/- 25 cm without the ensign-stick.
Additional Information Musha Ningyo (Japanese Boys Day figures). Here the armor bearer, Kato Kiyomasa, who is accompanied the famously brave warrior, Hideyoshi (1562-1611), on his campaign/battle against Korea. Kiyomasae is carrying a banner whit family Mon. A very good example of Ningyo.

価格 price     € 525,–             (Shipping fee is not included in the price) 

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