Koshirae 3

Koshirae 3

一般情報 General information

製品番号 Product No. KOSH. : 003.
種類外装 Type Koshirae Koshirae for Wakizashi.
画像 Image The saya is covered wit a beautiful old urushi lacquer.
時代 Era 江戸時代 Edo period.
日付 Date ca.1750-1800.
 School/style Unknown.


寸法 Measurements

全長 Full Length 69.5     cm
柄 Tsuka 18.7      cm
鞘 Saya 50.7      cm
長さNagasa +/- 47.5 cm         (Tsunagi)
Nakago +/- 11.7 cm         (Tsunagi)
反り Sori +/- 9 a 10 mm     (Tsunagi)
刃区 Hamachi +/- 32 by 11 mm (Tsunagi)



鑑定 Kantei Registration

日本美術刀剣保存協会                NBTHK Certificate n/a
他の 証明書                                        Other certificate n/a
状態 Status Very good condition, there is no lacquer damage, there are no cracks or any repairs.
追加情報                                 Additional Information End of the saya is finished with an original 小 尻 Kojiri. The 小 尻 Kojiri is inlaid in the saya so that the lacquer is at the same level.

The Kozuka with this Koshirae does not have a Kogatana!

This koshirae is suitable for Wakizashi.

歴史 History n/a

価格 price    € 1250,–                                (Shipping fee is not included in the price).

PS: More photos available on request!