Koshirae 3

Koshirae 3

一般情報 General information

製品番号 Product No.

KOSH. : 003.

種類外装 Type Koshirae

Koshirae for Wakizashi.

画像 Image

The saya is covered wit a beautiful old urushi lacquer.

時代 Era

江戸時代 Edo period.

日付 Date





寸法 Measurements

全長 Full Length

69.5     cm

柄 Tsuka

18.7      cm

鞘 Saya

50.7      cm


+/- 47.5 cm          (Tsunagi)


+/- 11.7 cm          (Tsunagi)

反り Sori

+/- 9 a 10 mm     (Tsunagi)

刃区 Hamachi

+/- 32 by 11 mm (Tsunagi)



鑑定 Kantei Registration

日本美術刀剣保存協会                NBTHK Certificate


他の 証明書                                        Other certificate


状態 Status

Very good condition, there is no lacquer damage, there are no cracks or any repairs.

追加情報                                 Additional Information

End of the saya is finished with an original 小 尻 Kojiri. The 小 尻 Kojiri is inlaid in the saya so that the lacquer is at the same level.

The Kozuka with this Koshirae does not have a Kogatana!

This koshirae is suitable for Wakizashi.

歴史 History



価格 price    € 1.250.–                                (Shipping fee is not included in the price).