Kozuka 8

Kozuka 8

一般情報 General information

製品番号 Product No.

KOZ: 008.

項目種類 Item type

小塚 Kozuka


棟銘安親  MEI placed on the Mune of the Kozuka. 安親 Yasu Chika. 1st + 2nd gen. (Extra info: the signatures of the first two generations are difficult to distinguish)

画像 Image

On a plain Shaku-dô 赤銅 base, an old monk/beggar standing under a magnolia branch

時代 Era

江戸時代中期 Middle Edo period.

日付 Date



土屋  Tsuchiya-Den  





寸法  Measurements


97.7 mm


14.3 mm


  5.0 mm


29 gr.





詳細 Details

物質 Material

Shibu-ichi 四分一, Shaku-dô 赤銅, engraved with inlaid gold (gold plated) and silver (zilver plated)

技法 Technique   

This Kozuka was made according to the  Shakudô-migaki  赤銅磨地 technique





鑑定書 Kantei-sho

日本美術刀剣保存協会          NBTHK Certificate

適用外です Not applicable

他の 証明書                         Other certificate

適用外です Not applicable

状態 Status

上工  Jōkō, Superior





追加情報                                Additional Information

保存刀装具鑑 // 特別保存刀装具鑑,しんさの候補  Candidate for Hozon tōsō-gu or Tokubetsu Hozon tōsō-gu, Shin-sa exam





歴史 History

Yasuchika’s first name was Yagohachi (弥五八) and he was born in Kanbun ten (寛文, 1671) as son of the Shōnai fief (庄内藩) samurai Tsuchiya Chūzaemon (土屋忠左衛門). As he grew up, he became a student of Shōami Chinkyū (正阿弥珍久) whose daughter he married later. In Genroku ten (元禄, 1697), then aged 34, he left for Edo where he learned from Nara Tatsumasa (奈良辰政) and where his talent started to unfold. During the Shōtoku era (正徳, 1711-1716), he was employed by Matsudaira Daigaku no Kami Yorisada (松平大学頭頼貞, 1664-1744) who was the daiymō of the Moriyama fief (守山藩) in Mitsu province, yielding an annual income of 20,000 koku, and the nephew of Tokugawa Mitsukuni (徳川光圀, 1628-1701), the prominent daimyō of Mito. In Kyōhō 16 (享保, 1731), aged 61, he entered priesthood under the lay name Tō’u (東雨). He left us many great masterworks and was later regarded with Nara Toshinaga (奈良利寿) and Sugiura Jōi (杉浦乗意) ad one of the Nara Sansaku (奈良三作), the “Three Great Nara Masters.”

価格 price  € 775,–    € 600,–                 (Shipping fee is not included in the price).         

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