Menuki 5

Menuki 5

一般情報 General information

製品番号 Product No. ME-005.
項目種類 Item type 目貫 Menuki.
形状  Shape. 細長 Elongated model.
画像 Image. 采配と杖 Baton of command and walking stick.
時代 Era 江戸時代 Edo periode.
日付 Date  ca.1790-1820.
 School Unknown.


寸法  Measurements                                                               

身長 Height No.1:  11.1 mm        No.2:  11.4 mm
 Width No.1:  68.8 mm        No.2:  70.7 mm
厚さThickness No.1:  4.6 mm          No.2:  4.9 mm


詳細 Details

物質 Material 刻印金と銅色 Engraved with gold and copper colour.
技法 Technique 赤銅地  Shakudô-ji.


鑑定 Kantei Registration

日本美術刀剣保存協会                 NBTHK Certificate n/a
他の 証明書                                 Other certificate n/a
状態 Status 上工 Jōkō, Superior.
追加情報                         Additional Information Very nice elongated set of Menuki 目貫.Well detailed representation of a 采配と杖 Baton (Saihai) of command and walking stick.In combination of different 物質 metals and 技法 techniques.

This set of Menuki will be delivered in a specially prepared 桐箱入 Kiri (箱 Hako).

歴史 History n/a

価格 price     € 575,–                               (Shipping fee is are not included in the price).