一般情報 General information

製品番号 Product No.


項目種類 Item type

目貫 Menuki

無名 – MUMEI

京金工 Kyō-kinkō style. Attributed to: Goto Mitsuyoshi. But I’m not 100% sure about that.                       

画像 Image.

鶏図 Chicken figure

時代 Era

江戸時代後期 Late Edo period

街/周囲 City/area

京都街/周囲   In and around the Kyōto area

日付 Date

 ca. 1785-1800


  京金工伝    Kyo-Kinko school


詳細 Details

物質 Material.

赤銅, 金色絵, を施す Shaku-dô, Kin’iroe, o hodokosu

技法 Technique   

赤銅-地, 高彫, Shakudô-ji,Taka-bori,



寸法  Measurements

目貫 Menuki-1

身長 Height: 29.4mm

Width: 21.1mm

厚さ Thickness: 5.4mm

目貫 Menuki-2

身長 Height: 27.5mm

Width: 21.9mm

厚さ Thickness: 5.5mm



鑑定 Kantei Registration

日本美術刀剣保存協会            NBTHK Certificate


他の 証明書                                   Other certificate


状態 Status

上工 Jōkō Superior

追加情報                                Additional Information


This work has a good contrast between the colour of gold and the black of Shakudo Gyogoji.


This 目貫 Menuki set will receive without any problem the 保存刀装具鑑定書 Hozon Tosogu Kanteisho through the NBTHK. In my opinion also a serious candidate for the 特別保存刀装具鑑定書 Tokubetsu Hozon Tosogu Kanteisho.


This set of 目貫 Menuki is suitable for a beautiful wakizashi  orKatana  拵え koshirae.

歴史 History

The chicken motif in Japanese symbolizes abundance and prosperity, and became a popular image during the 江戸時代 Edo period.  The birds represented are likely the decorativeチャボ鶏 Chabo chickens, with high, ornamental tail feathers and short stubby legs. 京金工Kyō-kinkō works were those made in 京都 Kyōtō and山城国 Yamashiro kuni area. Many 京芸術家 Kyō- artists evolved from the key foundation schools such as the 後藤、梅忠、奈良 Gōtō, Umetada, Nara, among others.


価格 price     €  545.–                                   (Shipping fee is not included in the price).