一般情報 General information

製品番号 Product No. TS-13.
項目種類 Item type 鍔 Tsuba.
形状 Shape. 丸形小透 Maru gata kô sukashi
画像 Image. Honest and old large iron Tsuba. Design of flute, scroll and coins is engraved and are inlayed with brass.
時代 Era 江戸時代初期 Early Edo period.
日付 Date ca.1650-1700.


寸法  Measurements

Tsuba 身長  Height: 85.3mm Width: 80.3mm 厚さ Thickness: 4.61mm 重さWeigth:157gr

詳細 Details

物質  Material.
技法 Technique.

鑑定 Kantei Registration

日本美術刀剣保存協会             NBTHK Certificate n/a
他の 証明書                            Other certificate n/a
状態 Status 良い Good/ Tsuba has a beautiful patina on both sides over the entire surface.
追加情報                                Additional Information Plate of the Tsuba is very thin and elegant. despite being a thin plate the Tsuba is very tin it’s quite heavy. This example would seem to be work from the early Edo period.

The patina is very fine. Tsuba is suitable for a Katana.

歴史 History Tsuba is made by a Nihonto or Armour-smiths.


価格 price    € 475.–                       (Shipping fee is not included in the price).    

PS: More photos available on request!