一般情報 General information

製品番号 Product No. TS – 20.
剣の種類 Sword type Tsuba.
MEI ( Omote) 無銘 MUMEI.
形状  Shape. 撫丸形 Nada Maru gata.
画像 Image. Carps/Koi’s are forming a oval composition by swimming one behind the other and biting each other in the tail.
時代 Era 江戸時代 Edo period.
日付 Date  ca.1800.


寸法  Measurements

身長 Height 71.5 mm
Width 69.5 mm
厚さ Thickness 4.90 mm
重さ Weigth 84 gr


詳細 Details

物質  Material  
技法 Technique  


鑑定 Kantei Registration

日本美術刀剣保存協会    NBTHK Certificate n/a
他の 証明書                    Other certificate n/a
状態 Status 良い Good
追加情報                           Additional Information

The carp are craved in high relief from the plate.

The iron surface bears a good patina of age.

Example of similar tsuba can be found in the Bonhams catalog: “Arts of the Samurai”, see item 1170.

Auction date: Monday 27 October 2014, location New York.

歴史 History n/a

価格 price      € 660.–               (Shipping fee is not included in the price).   

PS: More photos available on request!