Kozuka 14

Kozuka 14

一般情報 General information

製品番号 Product No.

KOZ: 014.

種類継手 Type fitting

小塚 Kozuka.


吉岡因幡介  Yoshioka Inaba no Suke.

画像 Image

米植物図 Gohan shokubutsu-zu, rice plant figure

時代 Era

江戸時代中期  Mid Edo period

日付 Date

ca. 1775 – 1800.


吉岡  Yoshioka Den





寸法  Measurements


97.8 mm


14.6 mm


  6.5 mm


32 gr.





詳細 Details

物質 Material

赤銅,  Shaku-dô, gold/kin

技法 Technique   

赤銅魚々子地, 高彫, 毛彫, 色絵  Shakudô-Nanakoji, Taka-bori, Ke-bori, Iroe





鑑定 Kantei Registration

日本美術刀剣保存協会                 NBTHK Certificate

特別保存刀装具鑑定書     Tokubetsu Hozon Tosogu certificate

他の 証明書                                   Other certificate


状態 Status

名工  Meikō, Excellent





追加情報                                   Additional Information


The judgment on the authentic as expressed in the description above was confirmed by “Nippon Bijutsu Tōken Hozon Kyokai” (NBTHK) issuing a “特別保存刀装具鑑定書 Tokubetsu Hozon Tosogu kanteisho” certificate number: 221523.

Provided on 平成四年四月八日 4th year in Heisei, 4th Month, 8th Day. 1992 48 April. 8, 1992.





歴史 History

Because there are so many 吉岡因幡介 Yoshioka Inaba no Suke artists who signed in the same way, it is difficult to judge from which generation th 小塚 this Kozuka is. Presumably a 吉岡因幡介 Yoshioka Inaba no Suke. From 江戸時代中期 Mid Edo period.


価格 price     € 1925,–                              (Shipping fee is not included in the price).

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